NightWater Cocktail Residency

October's Theme  -  "Horror"

Every Thursday and Friday night in the month of October, Night Tribe Cocktails is presenting a bespoke cocktail experience at the bar at Whitewater Music Hall! Our theme this month is....Horror!

There's "The Lament Configuration," a bourbon, raspberry, chocolate, and cinnamon tribute to the '80s classic Hellraiser, or an apple brandy and orange Old Fashioned variation called "Pamela Voorhees' Cable-knit Sweater." Or maybe you want the "Uneeda Swizzle," a light, rum-based cocktail with mint and lime, named for the setting of "Return of the Living Dead!" There's a lot of choices this month, you're sure to find something you love!

For our friends abstaining for alcohol, there's a whole new selection of amazing zero-proof cocktails as well! Spicy and smoky, or herbal and citrusy, you'll bound to find your new favorite drink!